Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wow...3 years later!

So THREEE years later it's kind of exciting to be on the same journey. Although this time I'm doing it in a more realistic day. Can't deprive yourself so much you don't live. I'm down 14.2 pounds since the beginning of 2013 and the middle of 2010 I was 180 lbs. It's crazy how far I've let it get out of control with the stress of moving, owning a home, and paying off student loans. It's nuts!

My weight as of January 1, 2013 was 221 lbs. That's probably the heaviest I've ever been and my wardrobe and self esteem was showing it!

Today I weighed in at 206.8 lbs and I'm excited about getting this far with the same energy and motivation to get to my goal of 50 lbs lost this year. I think being less obsessive about being perfect everyday is helping with that but also learning that dates and social activities don't have to be food centric!

I love myself and I'm learning to treat my body like I do! 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I suck.

So with the whirlwind NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP WIN for the USC Gamecocks, I haven't had time/energy to workout. Tonight I'm back on track don't you worry! I am almost out of the 180's though (180.6)!

I have been following my diet, so I don't feel so bad about taking a moment out of working out to celebrate what could be a once in a lifetime occurence! WOOO Go COCKS!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 22 - Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs - FAIL

Didn't do it.

Yesterday I struggled as well, i ate really well and kept it at about 1500 calories or a little less. I had some indian food that Ankur cooked, and I didn't work out. I watched the GAME!

How many times are my boys gonna be in the finals at the CWS?!

Alright alright, today will be better. Yesterday I also had some major fatigue issues courtesy of me not taking my iron supplements and some other personal situations and just couldn't do it. BAD CRAMPS and a terrible headache followed me throughout the day.

So this morning I overslept but you know what today is going to be a good day and I'm going to workout the minute I get home and do yesterdays workout, eat dinner, and do todays workout! I can do it. DUH!

Since I said it on here it's totally going to happen, I love the accountability of this! I'll post again once I finish both.

PS I made some awesome lowcal low carb 7 layer dip that the boys adored and I'll probably make it again for tonight because of superstition, I'll include that recipe in my later post.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 21 - Rest

So I woke up and I was thinking after a night of pure celebration for a Gamecock win, what hellish workout and I'm going to have to go through today?

Ouch my body is feeling this last week! But it's rest day!!!Woo!

So i think I'm going to swim some laps and do a light jog by the river, i know that's not exactly resting but it's what i dreamed about doing last night.

Today is the first day in a long time that I haven't been on a time table, no wake up do this before you have to do that. Today is an official me day! Some light exercise, cleaning, cooking for the work week, and maybe some at home pampering.

Let the day begin!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 20 - Plyo Cardio Circuit

Ow, everything is hurting today! I am procrastinating the workout by writing this, but I have a busy day ahead and a lot to get done before we leave for the beach so another couple minutes to wake up and off to the races so to speak

Is this every going to get easier? Nope.

I am sticking to the diet pretty well, with the exception of watching the game last night! Sweet potatoe french fries are healthy right?...not really but sometimes you've just got to live life!

So I don't know what it is but the heismans in the warmup get me EVERYTIME. I'm not really perfect at those and I struggled today with push ups and holding it in plank position.

My left arm is a little sore and a little mad at me for giving blood.

Anyways I've got to clean the car and pack some healthy snacks and stuff because I'm Folly Beach bound in an hour and a half. When I get home I'm going to do Kenpo+ from P90X plus and I realllly enjoy it so I can't wait to have a great day and have another good workout. I may stay in Charleston with the beautiful Heather tonight if the driving situation allows!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 19 - Cardio Power and Resistance

Okay so that didn't go exactly as I had hoped. I definitely struggled, I couldn't muster the strength to go 120%.

I gave blood around noon and ended up having a major drainage of energy shortly after so I had a little of a rushed workout so I can get ready to head to Charlotte.

I did get a boost of energy around the third round of the warm up. I did a lot better with the tuck jumps, it was much easier although I had some soreness in my glutes and hamstrings from yesterday.

Pushups were much harder because my arm was a little sore from the needle...

Anywho I made it through and I can't wait for my rest day....If it ever comes!

My dilemma was solved, Toy Story 3 at 7 and it will get out just in time to catch the game.

I hope we win and can lick them twice!


My left knee is killing me! So I'm going to do a low impact workout this morning, some advanced pilates.

Also I'm in an internal battle of whether to go see Toy Story 3 tonight of go out and watch the game against Clemson..after lasts nights game can I live with myself if I miss this one?